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Former postdoctoral 
research fellow


Background: Psychology,

cognitive neuroscience


Current work

Stella Tsermentseli


My research interests are broad involving the combination of classical neuropsychological techniques with state-of-the-art neuroimaging methods to study cognitive impairment in developmental disorders and neurodegenerative disease.   Previous work included the study of visual processing in autism and dyslexia, using psychophysics, fMRI and VBM. I am currently working on a Wellcome Trust funded project investigating the cerebral mechanisms underlying cognitive dysfunction and language impairment in Motor Neurone (MND) Disease. In this respect, I’m employing a wide set of neuropsychological tests along with DTI tractography to measure the damage to brain pathways, that we suspect are involved in MND. This will hopefully provide completely new information on the nature of these psychological changes which have a significant impact on quality of life for people with this disorder.

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