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In memory of Professor Karl Zilles

Dear Karl,

I am here trying to finish the corrections of our chapter for the next edition of the Gray’s Anatomy. I was hoping that freed from your institutional commitments we could spend more time talking about historical anecdotes, music and art. I wanted to show you the results of our collaborative grant and try to convince you that PLI and tractography can (perhaps) meet half-way. I know you would be doubtful of every method that is not truly anatomical, but I had already thought a way to defend diffusion imaging from your precise critical remarks that you always delivered with a warm smile.

You see, the problem for people like you that reach so high is to leave an immense empty space in the life of those who loved and admired you. Probably you don’t like hearing this, but I will frame one of your photos and put it next to the greatest German neuroanatomists that populate my study room. I will make sure that people will honour your legacy in every possible way, including stimulate suggestions for eponyms that bear your name [no I promise, I will never name after you any white matter tract that has been described with tractography!]. Mostly, I will make sure that the new generations will hear me talking about your research, discoveries and passions. I will treasure your memory for the rest of my life.

Marco Catani

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