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European Workshop on Cognitive Neuropsychology - Bressanone/Brixen

After a long tradition of the lab to take part at the EWCN, it is our great pleasure that Ahmad Beyh has received the EWCN Prize 2018 for his abstract "A novel medial occipital longitudinal tract for the memory of visual spatial configuration".

Our lab is also contributing the following abstracts to EWCN this year, including "Rewiring 'Lichteim’s house of language' with tractography" (Marco Catani), "Fronto-Parietal Tracts Linked To Lateralised Hand Preference And Manual Specialisation" (Henrietta Howells), and "An Anatomical Speech Coordination Network Model: Evidence From 4 Stroke Patients With Apraxia Of Speech" (Claudia Cramer).

More infos:

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