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Congratulations to the new section editor of Gray's Anatomy!

It is our great pleasure to announce that Professor Marco Catani has been chosen as section editor for neuroanatomy for the next edition of the Gray's Anatomy. The section will be edited in collaboration with Alan Crossman and hold contributions from leading figures in the field of neuroanatomy.

Gray's Anatomy is the most prestigious anatomy textbook available, and the only one that has been printed consecutively for more than 150 years. First published in 1858, it was written by the English physician and anatomist Henry Gray, with illustrations by his colleague Henry Vandyke Carter. Gray’s intention was to produce an inexpensive and accessible anatomy textbook for medical students and practitioners, and his work has since been continuously published and updated.

“It is a privilege for me to join Professor Alan Crossman who has been Section Editor for Neuroanatomy for the past three editions of Gray’s Anatomy,” says Professor Catani. “Our anatomical knowledge of the brain is in continuous evolution and recently benefited from methodological developments, especially in the field of neuroimaging. As Section Editor for Neuroanatomy, I will be able to work with colleagues at King’s College London to make sure that the cutting-edge research being conducted here will receive worldwide visibility”.

Modern editions of Gray’s Anatomy, edited by Professor Susan Standring, Emeritus Professor of Anatomy at King’s College London, feature the latest clinically relevant anatomical knowledge and research, and are presented in online and interactive versions. The current 41st edition was published by Elsevier in 2016, and the new edition is due to be published in 2020.

We are very much looking forward to the next edition!

Official Press Release can be found here.

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