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"REWIRED" The Brain, Art & Innovation. A Bloomsbury Theater Event by Movement for Hope

Watch the talk here:

Movement for Hope and UCL Brain Repair and Rehabilitation presented an inspiring evening event featuring connections between neuroscience, art and health. For more background history on this event click here.

The aim of this event was for researchers to creatively disseminate their research to a lay audience to raise awareness. Researchers collaborated with artists and patient-advocates to create dynamic talks that incorporated the arts. 100% of ticket sales support people with neurological conditions. The target area for the donations will be decided by the audience.

All researchers were able to creatively present their work and also spent some time prior to the event bridging the communication gap and understanding of research with their collaborators. The event was presented connected sections of art and science.

From an audience of 332 people, 64% of audience members donated their tickets toward research. 18% donated their tickets toward awareness-education and 18% toward adaptive equipment purchases to support people with neurological conditions.

All videos of this event can be found here.

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