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Are you interested in seeing your brain and supporting stroke research?


We are seeking healthy right-handed adults aged 50 - 90 years to participate in a brain imaging research project at Kings College London. Our research team is investigating how connections in the brain may help recovery after stroke. We are testing stroke patients and healthy controls at three-time points completing cognitive assessments and scanning them using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Participants will receive an honorarium of £50.


We are recruiting participants who are proficient in English and safe to go into the MRI environment. You cannot take part in this study if you have metal in your brain or body, a history of surgery on your head or neck, suffer from any psychiatric or neurological disorder or are currently taking psychoactive medication (e.g. antidepressants).


Volunteers will be invited for tests at the Centre for Neuroimaging Sciences (Denmark Hill) at 3 time points over 6 months. Please see a description of what will happen at these time points below.



NOTE: There is an option to also part take in a transcortical magnetic stimulation (TMS) to identify language areas in the brain. This part of the study is voluntary and the study team is happy to explain it in more detail. Participants will receive an extra honorarium of £50.



Timepoint 1

We will ask you to complete an MRI safety questionnaire to ensure you are suitable for the study. We will then book you in for a scan at a time that suits you. The scanning protocol will last around an hour and includes structural and functional imaging and diffusion imaging to visualise the anatomical connections between brain regions.

During the scan, you will simply be asked to remain still while lying in the scanner and resting. Finally, we will ask you complete approximately an hour and a half of cognitive tests, this can be done on the same day as the scan or on another day.

3 Months later

We will invite you to complete further cognitive tests, taking approximately an hour and 15 minutes.

Details will be discussed with you during your first appointment.

6 Months later

We will ask you to come for a repeat scan lasting approximately an hour and cognitive tests lasting approximately an hour and 15 minutes.

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Thank you for your interest in our study. The study team will be in touch with you shortly.

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