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PhD student


Background: Physics

Robert Dallyn


Having originally graduated in Physics, I became interested in Neuroscience while working in the city reading about exciting developments in the field of artificial intelligence.
I once heard it said that understanding the brain will be the next generation's space race. Delving deeper down the rabbit hole I came to realise how the connection between mind and matter remains by far the largest embarrassing blank spot on a materialist understanding of the world.
And so I enrolled on the MSc Neuroscience course at King's College London, where I stumbled upon the interesting discipline of tractography. Here I can put to use the technical skills of a physics background whilst continuing to understand more about brain function and anatomy. My primary responsibilities at the natbrainlab involved the EU-AIMS project; a scheme collaborating with many universities over Europe to produce large datasets centred on understanding autism spectrum disorder. By hopefully stratifying the very heterogenous phenotypes of different autistic people in separate categories, the project aims to better understand the condition and direct targeted approaches to medical solutions.
In my spare time I'm an avid follower of competitive video games, and enjoy developing my skills on the piano & guitar.

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