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Background: Neuropsychology, Neuroscience, Neuroimaging

Contact: michel.thiebaut [a]


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Michel Thiebaut de Schotten


I completed my doctorate in Neuroscience in 2007 on the study of the neural bases of the spatial-neglect syndrome. My work during that period revealed that spatial neglect is a consequence of the disruption of communication between the frontal and the parietal lobes and thus should be considered as a disconnection syndrome. In October 2007, I began my position at the Institute of Psychiatry (King’s College London) as post-doctorate researcher funded by the Marie Curie fellowship. I co-authored, with Marco Catani, The Atlas of the Human Brain Connections, as well as participated in the co-founding of the NatBrainLab. Building on my research experience, I aim to increase my knowledge of multimodal imaging in stroke. Currently, I'm pursuing my career as head of the BCB group ( in between the Institute of Psychiatry in London and the Hôpital de la Salpêtrière (ICM) in Paris.



For a list of recent publications please click here.


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