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Research assistant


Background: Biomedical Science (Neuroscience)


Neuroimaging Contact: catherine.davison [a]

Catherine Davison

My fascination with the brain, biology and behaviour started with my study of A- level Psychology. It is an interest that has not only stayed with me but has defined my academic pursuits and career. It was the reason I chose to study Biomedical Science, specialise in neuroscience and undertake a Master’s in Neuroimaging at the IoPPN, King’s College London. After graduating from the MSc program I worked for the Department of Psychosis Studies on numerous neurocognitive projects, with a main focus of fMRI.

My current work focuses on analysing diffusion MR imaging data to study brain structure and development in health and disease. The primary project I work on is a large multi-site centre study (EU-AIMS) that aims to employ patient stratification to investigate potential biological subtypes of autism. The secondary objective of my research is to combine different MR imaging modalities to build an integrative model of development.

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