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PhD student and Speech and
Language Therapist


Background: Cognitive Neuroscience, Speech and Language Sciences


Contact: claudia.cramer [a]

Claudia Cramer

I have always been fascinated by neuroscience but I would have to say that my passion for exploring language in the brain was sparked whilst at Sussex University where I studied Cognitive Neuroscience (2011). Following my time at Sussex, I went on to UCL to complete a masters in Speech and Language Sciences (2014) and thus, am a qualified Speech and Language Therapist. My masters thesis was conducted externally at Imperial college, where I worked on a project investigating the recovery of linguistic and narrative skills during the subacute phase following stroke. I’ve worked with many patient populations including stroke, traumatic brain injury, dementia, and head and neck cancer, to name a few. My interests have largely focused on speech and language difficulties that arise in acquired disorders following stroke and quality of life issues that stroke survivors face. I hope to combine both my clinical and research skills during my time at the NatBrainLab. I am also a firm believer in the idea that science and the arts are not mutually exclusive so when I’m not at the NatBrainlab, you’ll find me on a trapeze or strumming my ukulele!

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