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PhD student (part-time)
Project and scientific coordinator (part-time)


Background: Biological Sciences, Management Services 

Contact: anoushka.leslie [a]

Anoushka Leslie


I was originally planning to become the next Gerald Durrell, but got side tracked by a fortuitous foray into human neuroscience during my first degree. After several years working away from the subject in the business arena, primarily gaining experience in project management in publishing and IT, I had the opportunity to return to the subject that had piqued my interest before. An experimental part time masters later, and I knew I needed to change career direction for good. Since then I have been working on my PhD part time. I am currently thoroughly enjoying the steep but fascinating challenges of investigating the relationship between executive function and associated white matter pathways of the frontal lobe. My research is set within the model of adult aging, my data set consisting of over 100 neuroimaging scans (spherical deconvolution) and neuropsychological tests on  healthy adults participants aged between 18 and 80+.

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