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PhD student


Background: Psychology, neurosciences 

Contact: abigail.thompson[a]

Abigail Thompson


I have always been interested in the minds of others - why people think the way they do, what drives the different choices we make, what factors dictate our own individual perceptions of the world. In essence, what makes each one of us different. As a natural progression of this interest I studied Psychology as an undergraduate (2010 graduation), before working as an Assistant Psychologist in the NHS. During this time, my appreciation for the role of the brain in individual differences grew, and I became increasingly interested in the neural bases of behaviour. I moved to the IoPPN to undertake an MSc in Neuroscience (2012) and subsequently began a PhD investigating frontal lobe connectivity in Autism Spectrum Disorder, of which I am currently in my final year. During my PhD I have taught on the MSc Neuroscience and at the Natbrainlab workshops. Aside from people and brains (and the brains of people), my other life long love is music.




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